Silver Jewelry Buying Tips

Silver jewelry is one of the most popular jewelries around. It is one of the most widely used metals in the world and in the jewelry industry; they usually come next to gold.
They are also less expensive than gold and thus many buyers go for silver jewelries.

Another reason why silver jewelries are popular is because of the many intricate designs that can be made of silver.

While it is true that silver jewelries are easy to find, buying the good ones is sometimes quite difficult.

This is because some unscrupulous individuals will offer you something that will turn your skin green. If your silver jewelry turns your skin green, then it is a fake jewelry
or it may be silver plated. When the thin sheet of silver is scratched or faded, it will show the metal underneath and this usually turns your skin green.

How do you choose the silver jewelries?

First, it may help to know that there are two types of silver. The pure silver is called sterling silver. It is made of 92.5% silver. Because silver is as soft as gold in its
purest state, it is necessary to alloy it with copper to become sturdy. Thus, you cannot buy silver jewelry that is made of 100% silver.

The second type of silver is the 90% silver or coin silver. It has 10% copper alloy. It is sturdier than sterling silver.

There is a third type which is silver plated but you may not like it.

Now, choosing silver jewelries may be difficult if you are not used to it. Thus, you will need the help of the seller. The seller needs to know the difference between a
sterling silver and a 90% silver and he should be able to explain it to you.

The second important thing to look at is the markings on the jewelry. In silver jewelries, there should be a registered trademark of the manufacturer. This is the proof that
it is authentic.

Finally, you have to look at the silver jewelry. It has to look aesthetic in every angle. If it is not smooth and well-crafted, you should not buy it.

While there are different designs and may be finishes of the silver jewelry, it is still necessary that you look at the craftsmanship. It has to be fine and worth your money.

Never separate with your hard-earned money if you have doubts with the product you are buying.

There are many silver jewelry vendors around. Always check the reputation of the vendor before you buy.

Reputable vendors would have recommendations and advice especially in choosing the silver products. This is because some silver jewelries are polished, oxidized or antiqued.
If the vendor does not care to explain the differences and the fineness of the silver jewelry, you should not buy from this vendor.

If you want to buy silver jewelry online, look for reputable jewelers. Look also for feedback. Shopping around before you buy will always help you find the best products
especially for silver jewelries.

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