Pearl Jewelry Buying Tips

Pearls carry a luster that no other piece of jewelry can provide. It has a deep luster and the sparkling appearance that women love. There are different types of pearls and
there are also fake pearls. Thus, to help you find the pearl jewelry that will add beauty to the wearer; we present to you this pearl jewelry buying tips.

The tips from this guide will help you buy for yourself or for a loved one. Women love pearl jewelries either singly or in a set. So, to the guys out there, you have to learn
how to buy pearl jewelries that your women will love to wear. How would you feel that she always thinks of you when she wears her pearl jewelry?

What are the things to consider in buying pearl jewelries?

The type of pearl is important. There is the natural pearl, cultured pearl or imitation pearl.

Natural pearls are hard to find. Especially in today’s environment, diving for natural pearl is quite difficult. Thus, if there is a natural pearl available, it usually costs
a lot.

Cultured pearls are also pearls that came from an oyster. It is however helped by science to develop. It is still a real and lovely pearl with the luster of natural pearls.
They are easier to find but they still cost to buy them.

The imitation pearl also called simulated, semi-cultured or faux. They are not produced by an oyster but rather it can be made of glass, plastic or shell beads which are
pearlescence or lacquered with pearl color. Imitation pearls usually lack the inner glow of a natural pearl. It only has a surface shine and is far in appearance with the
real pearl.

How to do know the difference between fake pearls and natural or cultured pearls?

The tooth test will tell you if the pearl is real or not. If you rub the pearl into your teeth, you will feel a bit gritty. If you do not want to use your tooth in checking
the pearl, you may want to use a knife. If the pearl is a real one and not an imitation, scraping the pearl will show some powdery residue.

Fake pearls are smooth and slippery. Of course, if you use knife, scraping the fake pearl will bring out the material underneath either it is plastic or glass.

Pearl Grading system

There is an industry grading system of pearls. A, AA, and AAA are used to measure the quality of pearls. However, some vendors do not use this grading system but rather only
says that their pearl is of finest quality. In this case, just do the knife or tooth test to be sure.

Finally, if you want to buy pearl jewelries, you have to decide before hand if you want only a single item or a set. Never try to buy them one by one because you may end up
not being able to match them. Some pearl jewelers may not be able to control their inventory and may not be able to wait for you to return when you want to buy the rest of
the set. Pearls are beautiful but if they are not matched, then it may not look pretty.

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