Gold, Diamond and Gem Jewelry

Gold, Diamond and Gem Jewelry

Silver Jewelry Buying Tips
Silver jewelry is one of the most popular jewelries around. It is one of the most widely used metals in the world and in the jewelry industry; they usually come next to gold. They are also less expensive than gold and thus many buyers go for silver jewelries

Pearl Jewelry Buying Tips
Pearls carry a luster that no other piece of jewelry can provide. It has a deep luster and the sparkling appearance that women love. There are different types of pearls and there are also fake pearls. Thus, to help you find the pearl jewelry that will add beauty to the wearer; we present to you this pearl jewelry buying tips.

Gold Jewelry Buying Tips
Gold is a precious metal then, now and in the future. Gold has been part of the jewelry industry since way back. While it is this popular, some people are still at a lost on how to buy fine gold jewelries. Thus, we created this gold jewelry buying tips to help you find the gold jewelry that you are looking for.

Gemstone Jewelry Buying Tips
Gemstones come from earth and sea. Gemstones are usually excavated minerals, stones, pearls and most importantly, diamonds. They are set in jewelries that women love to flaunt. Some women buy gemstone jewelries to add to their wardrobe or collection but men buy gemstone jewelries for their women as well.

Diamond Jewelry Buying Tips
Jewelry is a personal adornment. Some jewelry has functions aside from being a personal adornment. However, for women, jewelry functions more of a personal adornment especially diamond jewelries. Thus, to help women find the diamond jewelry that they want, we developed this diamond jewelry buying tips. This diamond jewelry buying tip also works for men who want to buy diamond jewelries of their women

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Featured Product
Limoges Jewelry Limoges Mens Black Old English Top-Engraved 7mm Band (18767D)
Limoges Jewelry Limoges Mens Black Old English Top-Engraved 7mm Band (18767D) $39.99 - $49.99 0 Reviews
Born from the tropical forests of Costa Rica where rainfalls shower the heavy foliage while hummingbirds adorn delicate orchids, the Vida collection celebrates the spirit of life that envelops the land. Recreating the sensation of warm sunlight glimmering through undulating leaves, the Vida imagines the splendor of the abundant landscape in carefully sculpted pieces with an elegant sense of movement. A portion of the proceeds from each piece support the Natural Resources Defense Council's clean-air efforts. The NRDC is one of the nation's most effective environmental action groups.
Morelle Large Leather Jewelry Box with Takeaway Case
Morelle Large Leather Jewelry Box with Takeaway Case $339.00 - $339.00 0 Reviews
Store your entire collection of jewelry inside this luxurious leather jewelry chest. With its sixteen separate drawers and oodles of compartments, you are sure to find a special niche for each one of your jewelry collectables and trinkets. Includes a generously sized jewelry roll for your travel convenience. A lovely mirror and pocket on the inside lid adds a touch of sophistication. Behold this majestic jewelry box. Upon opening its lid a wonderful surprise awaits you. Newly patented stage like LED lighting will illuminate your jewels, and make them sparkle.
Limoges Jewelry Titanium Top-Engraved Classic Wedding Band, Size: 14 (18362D)
Limoges Jewelry Titanium Top-Engraved Classic Wedding Band, Size: 14 (18362D) $39.99 - $39.99 0 Reviews
Created in Titanium, this sleekly polished band is slightly rounded with a comfort fit. Perfect for him or her in a 5mm width (3/16"). Personalize with a laser-engraved message, up to 25 letters and spaces, on outside of band. Titanium is extremely strong (3 times stronger than steel) yet much lighter weight. Commercial Pure 98%, nickel and lead free, also highly dent & bend resistant.
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How To Find Earrings For Sensitive Ears
Pierced ears are by far the most popular type of piercings. Both men and women get pierced ears, and people love adorning their ears with various new earrings. Earrings can add a touch of glamour to ears that makes people stop and take notice. There are numerous types of earrings on the market in every style imaginable. However, some people cannot wear all of them because they have sensitive ears. Luckily, earrings for sensitive ears can be found so those people with sensitive ears can still have a selection of earrings to choose from.

White Gold Wedding Bands & Rings : For those who love the colour of gold and wants to save on price
White gold wedding bands became popular during World War II when using platinum for non-military purposes was banned. White gold is an inexpensive, elegant and versatile metal than can be used to create unique and beautiful jewellery. White gold is lighter than platinum and is more scratch resistant and durable than either pure or yellow gold. If you take care of your white gold jewellery properly it will maintain a flawless appearance for a long time.

White Gold Wedding Rings
White gold wedding rings started to become more popular during World War II. This was because it became illegal to use platinum for non military purposes. White gold is an elegant, inexpensive and versatile metal that is used to create unique and beautiful jewellery. White gold wedding rings are more scratch resistant than pure or yellow gold and are lighter weight than platinum. If you take proper care of you white gold wedding band you can maintain a flawless appearance for a long period of time. White gold wedding rings are not pure gold. White gold is an alloy of gold and normally nickel, silver or palladium. The alloy of these metals is usually a pale yellow colour which is why white gold wedding rings are plated with rhodium t ...

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